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Public Liability Plus Insurance

Public Liability PLUS the correct cover for inspection, training and other professional services

Is there a gap in cover?

Many businesses you provide cover for may not be fully protected under their current Public Liability Insurance. This is due to a growing number of trades providing inspection and certification for a fee alongside their more traditional services. These additional activities are referred to as professional services and may not be fully covered under existing policies with many including an exclusion similar to this:

"We do not cover ... claims arising out of any negligent act, error, omission, or malpractice made or alleged to have been made by You or on Your behalf in the provision of professional services."

We have carried out investigations into this potential shortfall and believes that there are indeed a significant number of businesses and sole traders who do not have appropriate cover.

The next step

This is an opportunity for our broking partners to:

  1. Ensure that customers are correctly protected
  2. Develop new business
  3. Offer a higher level of cover than their competitors

If an exclusion does apply

Our policyholders can upgrade their current policies to include the Professional Services Extension, whereas for new customers simply select the required trade including Professional Services cover on the Liability Extranet.

PL Plus cover: Public Liability cover up to £10m limit plus Professional Services cover up to £10m limit

Cost: Amazingly PL Plus is even included at no extra cost for some trades whilst remaining highly competitive for others.

To help illustrate the need for PL Plus, please see the example below

A fire alarm installer offers system testing and certification as a separate service. Following such a check the system fails and a major fire starts.

With PL+

Up to the full Public Liability limit is covered for injury or damage arising from the inspection and certification.

Without PL+

The resulting loss which, may be directed to your client, will not be covered.

Easy access to quotes and documentation

The Liability Extranet now features PL Plus for a wide range of trades; simply select the option incl Professional Services to obtain the CORRECT level of cover for Inspection, Training and Certification services. The following trades are currently available via the Extranet therefore enabling you to provide an immediate quote with point of sale documentation.  Please note that we will continue to add the option for inclusion of Professional Services so check the Extranet for the most up to date information.

  • Aerobic fitness dance or personal trainers
  • Aerobic or dance instruction / choreography
  • Alarm & CCTV Installers Domestic & Commercial
  • Alarm & CCTV Installers Industrial
  • ASA Swimming Instructors
  • Boiler services (Domestic / Non-Domestic)
  • Confined space contractors & trainers
  • Driving Instructors
  • Fire equipment supply and maintenance (other than alarm and sprinkler installers)
  • Fire proofing rendering & fire curtain installation
  • Food & food hygiene consultants
  • Forklift Truck training
  • Gym & Health Clubs
  • Gyms & fitness clubs other than health spas
  • Health & Safety Advisors
  • Heavy plant operator trainers
  • Height access trainers 5m height limit
  • Height access trainers other than rope access
  • Height Safety Training Consultants
  • HGV driving instructors
  • IRATA rope access training / inspection only & safety surveys
  • Lift & Escalator Engineers
  • Motorsports - Driving instruction
  • Non-Destructive Testers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Pest & vermin control with/without firearms use
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Property Services Electrical Mechanical Plumbing
  • Safety Netting Contractors
  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Training manual skills ground level only
  • Water Treatment Contractors

For other trades please send us an enquiry by email, telephone or refer via our Extranet system ZMExtra.

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PL+ Client Guide


PL+ Broker Guide


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