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Employer's Public & Products Liability Insurance

With the ability to rate on either a per capita basis or wage roll and turnover basis, our product has been designed to be different

Designed to be different to other products currently available in the market we are confident you will find our Liability Product both innovative and flexible. We have a unique sophisticated rating model; a key feature of the product is the ability to rate on either a per capita basis (with no limit on the number of employees) or wage roll and turnover basis.

The Extranet facility, called ZMExtra, provides our broking partners with immediate quotations, take-up and point of sale documentation to enable the efficient transaction of liability policies. Developed from a broker's standpoint, ZMExtra is an intuitive system that quickly and easily guides you through the online quotation process.

Key Features:

  • Employers' Liability up to £10m.
  • Public Liability from £1m to £10m.
  • Wide range of acceptable occupations / trades - over 500 trades are listed on the quote system.
  • Ability to rate on wageroll & turnover or per capita no matter how many employees.
  • Choose from as many trades that suit the client and not just the highest rated trade.
  • Our per capita rates can be split to suit to ensure your client's needs, whether part time or full time occupations.
  • Even if your client's workforce changes size our liability product can rate on either wageroll & turnover or per capita allowing for a workforce increase of 50%.
  • Easy to read policy terms and conditions.
  • Wide and competitive policy terms including the cost of defending a prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act.
  • Concerned about contract certainty? Our Liability product provides everything the client needs from the outset with policy wording delivered immediately.
  • A quote when you need it - Send us an enquiry by email, fax or online via our Extranet system.

If you would like access to the Extranet ZMExtra facility please contact the Broker Management team on 01227 284747.


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Senior Assistant Underwriter

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Kayleigh Wicks

Commercial Underwriting Team Leader

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